Designing a Difficult Block Home

Designing a Difficult Block Home

Considerations for Sloping Site House Designs

When building a home on challenging land, it is important that you choose a skilled contractor. Fortunately, our team at Tangara Constructions specialises in building on sloping and challenging block land. We take every part of your land into consideration when building your dream home.

Decide on your Outlook

Depending on the land, it might make more sense for your home to face a certain way. Drainage can be an issue on sloping land when it rains, but you can have measures put in place to prevent your house from having issues.

Build with the Slope

Building a home on sloped land will impact the design of your house. For instance, a slope up and away from the road can allow for a garage in front and under the home while a slope down and away from the road allows for a lower half storey in the back of the house. Our team will talk to you about your land and the options you have.

Rocky Ground

With any sloped land, there are definitely rocks on your property. We understand the cost of excavating and work to create your dream home on the land you provide. Our builders specialise in working on challenging land and can provide different options for your home.

You should never let a challenging piece of land prevent you from building your dream home. Our team at Tangara Constructions specialise in building challenging and sloping block homes. Every piece of your land is considered, and our builder will discuss the possibilities with you. For more information on building on challenging land, contact our team today.

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Case Study: Gilgandra – Three Storey Luxury Homes

Case Study: Gilgandra – Three Storey Luxury Homes

Custom built luxury home – Subdivision of property


The Gilgandra site was a large property that had been subdivided with an existing house at the rear. Tangara Constructions were engaged by Property Developer Mark Smith to build a three-story home on the front block.

Mark has worked with Tangara Constructions before, so he knew that he could rely on Shane and the team to get the job done.

“I had worked with Shane before and I had a great experience with him. Being a smaller business, he has a high level of attention to detail which you don’t get with many of the larger companies,” said Mark.

The Process

During the building process, Tangara Constructions were able to be flexible and come up with solutions to issues as they arose.

“No matter how much you plan there are always issues and Shane was able to work through these efficiently and come up with good solutions. He is a dynamic builder that was able to roll with the punches and make changes on the fly,” said Mark.

The Challenge

Due to weather conditions and other factors, our project took longer than expected. Shane was very transparent about the build time, so there were no surprises.

We also wanted an underground garage which we knew would be challenging to achieve on a sloping site.

The Outcomes

Despite weather conditions setting back the completion date, Tangara Constructions worked with the client to deliver a bespoke home to exact specifications. As sloping block specialists, Shane and the Tangara Constructions team were able to build strategies to achieve an underground garage on the sloping block.

View the Gallery of Both Properties built:

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Designing a Split-Level Home

Designing a Split-Level Home

Practicality of a Split Level Home Design

Rocky or sloped land may leave you with few options for building your home. While a split-level home may not be your first choice, it is practical and will allow you to get the most out of your land. Our team at Tangara has great home designs and experienced home builders to guide you through the process of building your dream split-level home.

A Unique Style

When building homes on challenging blocks, builders have to get creative with designs. In order to keep the land intact and give clients their dream home, builders will need to create a unique home. Split-level homes are a great way to navigate uneven blocks without the need for expensive levelling, and create unique spaces that are practical and aesthetic.

Optimise Your View

Slit level home optimised view

Chances are that if you are building on sloped land, your home is in a spot with an incredible view. A split-level home will allow you to take advantage of the view and provide various viewpoints from your home.

Maximise Space

Having additional levels in your home will provide more space. Whether you want more bedrooms or family rooms, having a split-level home will provide you with more options. Additionally, it allows you to optimise the square footage of your home by going up, instead of into your back or front yard space.

Don’t let sloped land ruin the idea of your dream home. Consider a split-level home to optimise the view, maximise the space and be a unique option on your block. Our team at Tangara Constructions can design and build a split-level home that will check all of your boxes. Tangara home builders work with every client to assure their home designs are created exactly how they want. For more information about split-level homes and what Tangara Constructions can do for you, contact us today.

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Inside Our Luxury Indooroopilly Build

Inside Our Luxury Indooroopilly Build

Unique Luxury Home in Indooroopilly

An inside look at one of our most luxurious builds yet, what makes it unique!

At Tangara Constructions we aim to deliver outstanding results on custom luxury home designs that inspire and excite our valued customers and new builders. We are constantly challenging ourselves to develop our concepts in order to improve our already extensive building experience and ensure the best result for those who want to build their dream home.

Our Luxury Indooroopilly Build

With this home, we aimed to push ourselves to deliver not only a house, but a home worth showcasing. Looking to build in the area further, Tangara Constructions have fallen in love with Indooroopilly and its surroundings because of its rolling hills for vast building spaces, suburban independence with shopping and leisure, and proximity to the CBD and public transport for ease of traversing Brisbane.

Unique and Ambitious Designs

We installed floor to ceiling windows that run across the two-story building running parallel to the dark oak floating staircase. Including stylish internal sliding doors, we believe that they bring both an increase sense of space and the option for instant custom privacy when required. Encapsulating the top mezzanine level are clear glass railings, without sacrificing safety, this design allows the house to breathe and not feel encased and encumbered by solid railings or more internal walls.

Focusing on the kitchen, we have gone with a contemporary approach with long polished marble benchtops and maximum storage space, with the added combination of central island for more space for a personal dinning and cooking experience.

Personal Touch

With each luxury house and home we design and build, we strive to create something that has never been done and fits your exact expectations, whether it be an outdoor entertaining space for 20 or a private study that is your own little getaway at home.

For new home builders or those who are contemplating buying land, we would highly recommend the Indooroopilly area for its advantages and rising property value. Its natural terrain matches our expertise here at Tangara perfectly and would be a welcomed challenge to any prospective homeowner. Contact us today to find out more about when and where you can get started.

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Designing a Home in Brisbane

Designing a Home in Brisbane

Get Inspired With Classic Brisbane Home Designs

Brisbane homes span a variety of styles reflecting the visual fabric of suburban Brisbane. From colonial cottage to federation to ultra-modern Queenslanders, here is how to design a modern home with a classic Brissie feel.

The architecture of homes in Australia has changed drastically over the years. While some people designing homes are looking at modern plans, many choose combining them with classic Australian styles. These classic home designs will give your Brisbane home a special type of charm that will make you stand out on your block.

Federation HomesTraditional Hamptons Home

These homes date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when builders were influenced by American, Britain, and France. They have a warm and inviting presence in any neighborhood, and they are usually easy to spot. There are five common characteristics among federation houses: verandahs, timberwork, chimneys, leadlight windows, and a dominant roofline. If you spot these qualities on a house, there is a good chance you have found a federation home. If you are designing a federation home, consider including these qualities to stay true to the style.

Colonial Homes

Constuction of Sloping blockDating back to the first ship that arrived in Australia, colonial homes are heavily influenced by European architecture. The classic colonial style home includes the kitchen and living room on the first floor, with the bedrooms on the second floor. The colonial is usually very grand looking, symmetrical, and will stand out on your block. Some other defining qualities include brick, proportional columns, multi-pained sash windows, and stone sills. If you are renovating or designing a colonial home, consider maintaining these properties to keep the home feeling authentic.


The classic Queenslander is a traditional “Australian tropical house.” These houses were designed to survive the climate and are equipped with many unique qualities. The most notable quality is the large verandah that often wraps around the house. The verandah provided a place to sit right outside the home while protecting people from the rain. Additionally, the house was built on stumps off the ground to permit air to pass under the home. Classic Queenslander homes have friendly and welcoming qualities about them, and any owner should try to conserve their reputation.

These classic Australian homes have maintained a special type of charm throughout the years. Their unique qualities can make any modern home feel warm and welcoming. Combining classic with modern designs will give your home timeless charm and modern practicality.

For more information on how to design your home with classic designs, contact us at Tangara Constructions, today!

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Interior Design Trends August 2020

Interior Design Trends August 2020

Roundup of Some of Our Favourite Interior Design Trends


This season we are moving towards more dusty, earthy, and warm tones. Look to nature for your new pallet with colours such as mellow mustard, dusty apricot, and misty grey. Deep colours like cocoa and burgundy are great to pair with these to create a more grounded interior scene. Pops of black paired with brighter colours are also a trendy option for this year’s pallet.


Embrace all of the quirky and weird shapes because this year it’s all about highlighting the curves and irregular lines of your furniture. The best part is that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style! Soft stuffed lounges and chairs paired with a whacky round side table and vases with surprising shapes is what this season is all about.

Greenery never goes out of style, and indoor plants will work well with the earthy warm gold tones of this year’s colour pallet. Don’t forget to keep in mind the sustainability of your pieces. It’s 2020 and we are beginning to see more and more thought go into the company’s furniture is purchased for and what kind of values they have and what materials are being used when building the items.


Tactile textures have returned. Think chunky weaves and soft-touch finishes that give fabrics a point of difference; linen, wool, leather, and even velvet have become extremely popular this year. Velvet, in particular, is an interesting fabric to play around with to give your home a luxurious feel. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, floral fabrics and wallpaper are also making a comeback this year.

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