Custom built luxury home – Subdivision of property


The Gilgandra site was a large property that had been subdivided with an existing house at the rear. Tangara Constructions were engaged by Property Developer Mark Smith to build a three-story home on the front block.

Mark has worked with Tangara Constructions before, so he knew that he could rely on Shane and the team to get the job done.

“I had worked with Shane before and I had a great experience with him. Being a smaller business, he has a high level of attention to detail which you don’t get with many of the larger companies,” said Mark.

The Process

During the building process, Tangara Constructions were able to be flexible and come up with solutions to issues as they arose.

“No matter how much you plan there are always issues and Shane was able to work through these efficiently and come up with good solutions. He is a dynamic builder that was able to roll with the punches and make changes on the fly,” said Mark.

The Challenge

Due to weather conditions and other factors, our project took longer than expected. Shane was very transparent about the build time, so there were no surprises.

We also wanted an underground garage which we knew would be challenging to achieve on a sloping site.

The Outcomes

Despite weather conditions setting back the completion date, Tangara Constructions worked with the client to deliver a bespoke home to exact specifications. As sloping block specialists, Shane and the Tangara Constructions team were able to build strategies to achieve an underground garage on the sloping block.

View the Gallery of Both Properties built:

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