Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions over the years.

☝️ What is the difference between a custom home builder and a project builder?

Project builders are a good option for those who are happy to just select a house from a pre designed set range of plans. You may be able to change these set designs slightly depending on the project home builder you choose, but typically this would be limited.

Custom home builders offer a personalised service building homes designed uniquely for the client, translating their ideas and vision into a home that is crafted to meet their individual needs and other constraints (i.e. budget, site specifics). Working with a custom home builder ensures you get complete customisation over your home building project giving you the most flexibility with your home design, choice of materials, and fixtures and fittings.

At what stage should I engage a custom home builder?

In our experience, it’s important that the builder be a part of the design process from the beginning. Your home builder should be a part of your design team to enable early collaboration with all relevant consultants (e.g. engineers, architects, town planners etc.). The advantages of this are many, including; effective communication, early checks on design to identify potential construction issues, enabling cross-disciplinary insights that can save time and money, concurrent productivity, and focused expertise that promotes innovation and inspiration.

Do you have standard plans and inclusions to choose from?

We do not have a standard set of plans or inclusion lists to choose from. As a genuine custom home builder, building unique one-of-a-kind homes, we offer a complete service from concept to handover. We ensure the client will have the flexibility and opportunity to make choices not only regarding the design, fixtures, and finishes of their home but also in many other aspects throughout the project.

✨ What makes building with you unique?

We build relationships as well as homes. We love what we do and are passionate about creating amazing, quality homes and providing authentic personalised service for each of our clients. You will deal directly with the builder throughout your entire build  process.  We will inform and guide you along the way, providing an opportunity for you to understand the benefits and costs associated with all of your available choices. This approach is what allows our delighted clients to truly experience what it means to build a custom home. 

Will you build from our plans?

Absolutely, we are happy to build from any plans that are supplied. We would review and assess your plans and provide feedback to value add to your project if required.

How do we get started?

It all starts with a conversation –  simply give us a call and we will guide you through the process. We would then organise a time to  meet up for a friendly chat about your project and requirements.

Are we the right builder for you?

We build custom designed homes and offer our clients a collaborative experience, involving them as much or as little as they like.  We don’t generally offer any set designs to choose from. Our clients enjoy the flexibility and choice that comes with a custom designed home.

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