Practicality of a Split Level Home Design

Rocky or sloped land may leave you with few options for building your home. While a split-level home may not be your first choice, it is practical and will allow you to get the most out of your land. Our team at Tangara has great home designs and experienced home builders to guide you through the process of building your dream split-level home.

A Unique Style

When building homes on challenging blocks, builders have to get creative with designs. In order to keep the land intact and give clients their dream home, builders will need to create a unique home. Split-level homes are a great way to navigate uneven blocks without the need for expensive levelling, and create unique spaces that are practical and aesthetic.

Optimise Your View

Slit level home optimised view

Chances are that if you are building on sloped land, your home is in a spot with an incredible view. A split-level home will allow you to take advantage of the view and provide various viewpoints from your home.

Maximise Space

Having additional levels in your home will provide more space. Whether you want more bedrooms or family rooms, having a split-level home will provide you with more options. Additionally, it allows you to optimise the square footage of your home by going up, instead of into your back or front yard space.

Don’t let sloped land ruin the idea of your dream home. Consider a split-level home to optimise the view, maximise the space and be a unique option on your block. Our team at Tangara Constructions can design and build a split-level home that will check all of your boxes. Tangara home builders work with every client to assure their home designs are created exactly how they want. For more information about split-level homes and what Tangara Constructions can do for you, contact us today.

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