Considerations for Sloping Site House Designs

When building a home on challenging land, it is important that you choose a skilled contractor. Fortunately, our team at Tangara Constructions specialises in building on sloping and challenging block land. We take every part of your land into consideration when building your dream home.

Decide on your Outlook

Depending on the land, it might make more sense for your home to face a certain way. Drainage can be an issue on sloping land when it rains, but you can have measures put in place to prevent your house from having issues.

Build with the Slope

Building a home on sloped land will impact the design of your house. For instance, a slope up and away from the road can allow for a garage in front and under the home while a slope down and away from the road allows for a lower half storey in the back of the house. Our team will talk to you about your land and the options you have.

Rocky Ground

With any sloped land, there are definitely rocks on your property. We understand the cost of excavating and work to create your dream home on the land you provide. Our builders specialise in working on challenging land and can provide different options for your home.

You should never let a challenging piece of land prevent you from building your dream home. Our team at Tangara Constructions specialise in building challenging and sloping block homes. Every piece of your land is considered, and our builder will discuss the possibilities with you. For more information on building on challenging land, contact our team today.

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