Tips to Find the Right Block for your Dream Home

Looking for the right block of land to build your dream home? At Tangara Constructions, we are the challenging site specialists! Here are our top tips to consider whilst searching for vacant blocks of land.

Evaluating the Land

Speak with your local council to identify any boundary setback requirements or conditions that will determine where you can build on the block of land. Check the depth, slope, and width of the block against the dimensions of the kinds of houses you would like to build.

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A geotechnical report will allow you to determine the soil composition, which in turn can tell you what sort of subfloor is required. The report won’t just detail what is in the ground, it will make recommendations and address important aspects of the build.

Make sure you identify if the block is situated in a flood zone. You can source a flood map from your local council.


It is important to confirm that all covenants, easements or any other restrictions have been identified. In some states, it is mandatory for vendors to outline these points. However, it is best you approach your solicitor or conveyancer to find this information.

Location, Location, Location!

Water front home buildersIs the block near a noisy industrial site? Are there loud neighbours? The best way to test this is to visit the site at different times on weekdays and on the weekend. Make sure to consider what is already around you, what you are building, and how secluded you can make it. If you are building up, what will you see?

You don’t want to buy a block of land and then find out that there are future plans for unwanted development nearby. Check out for information on future developments.

The builder will in most cases arrange for the connection of basic services. If the land is in a remote area, it is best to contact the local council in regards to provisions of services and access.

We also wanted an underground garage which we knew would be challenging to achieve on a sloping site.

Restrictions and Limitations

Call the council for heritage overlays, local restrictions or other circumstances that may limit what you can build.

Sloping or Challenging Blocks

At Tangara Constructions, we are experts at creating custom built homes on challenging sites. If your block is sloping, rocky or hard to access, contact us today!


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