Get Inspired With Classic Brisbane Home Designs

Brisbane homes span a variety of styles reflecting the visual fabric of suburban Brisbane. From colonial cottage to federation to ultra-modern Queenslanders, here is how to design a modern home with a classic Brissie feel.

The architecture of homes in Australia has changed drastically over the years. While some people designing homes are looking at modern plans, many choose combining them with classic Australian styles. These classic home designs will give your Brisbane home a special type of charm that will make you stand out on your block.

Federation HomesTraditional Hamptons Home

These homes date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when builders were influenced by American, Britain, and France. They have a warm and inviting presence in any neighborhood, and they are usually easy to spot. There are five common characteristics among federation houses: verandahs, timberwork, chimneys, leadlight windows, and a dominant roofline. If you spot these qualities on a house, there is a good chance you have found a federation home. If you are designing a federation home, consider including these qualities to stay true to the style.

Colonial Homes

Constuction of Sloping blockDating back to the first ship that arrived in Australia, colonial homes are heavily influenced by European architecture. The classic colonial style home includes the kitchen and living room on the first floor, with the bedrooms on the second floor. The colonial is usually very grand looking, symmetrical, and will stand out on your block. Some other defining qualities include brick, proportional columns, multi-pained sash windows, and stone sills. If you are renovating or designing a colonial home, consider maintaining these properties to keep the home feeling authentic.


The classic Queenslander is a traditional “Australian tropical house.” These houses were designed to survive the climate and are equipped with many unique qualities. The most notable quality is the large verandah that often wraps around the house. The verandah provided a place to sit right outside the home while protecting people from the rain. Additionally, the house was built on stumps off the ground to permit air to pass under the home. Classic Queenslander homes have friendly and welcoming qualities about them, and any owner should try to conserve their reputation.

These classic Australian homes have maintained a special type of charm throughout the years. Their unique qualities can make any modern home feel warm and welcoming. Combining classic with modern designs will give your home timeless charm and modern practicality.

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