2020 Winter Kitchen Trends

Whether you are building, renovating or just looking to spruce up your kitchen, this year’s Winter kitchen trends are bound to inspire you.


Everyone is becoming increasingly aware and concerned with how, where, and what products are made. Sustainability and ethical product are two extremely important factors now being considered when designing homes. You can’t go wrong with choosing organic textiles and furnishings that will biodegrade after the functional lifespan of the products has ended. Another important option to consider for not only your kitchen but the entire home is LED lighting. While having a more expensive upfront cost, LED lights are more energy-efficient and will reduce your electricity bills.

Black is Back!

Matte black finishes have made their way back into the kitchen for Winter this year. From barstools, countertops, and sinks to windows, ovens, and dishwashers, you can now incorporate black into your entire kitchen suite. Black allows for bold statements in your kitchen that remain timeless so you won’t want to change it after 12 months (remember millennial pink). The most exciting news is that manufacturers have noticed the increased personalisation of appliances and have begun creating new finishes to suit this current colour trend in the kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands become the centre point of the kitchen and create a great modern and sociable look. Add some bar stools to create a casual dining area perfect for breakfast or socialising with family and friends while cooking. They also provide great functionality with added storage and prep space.

Trough Sinks

The kitchen is becoming an entertainment hub, which is exactly why tough sinks are becoming a smart and trendy choice in the kitchen. A Multifunctional trough sink can be used for almost anything from keeping your seafood and wine chilled, to growing herbs and preparing food. These sinks pair great with kitchen islands and with the increased popularity comes more designs and options when choosing the right trough sink for your kitchen.

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