How a Split-Level Home Can Work on a Sloping Block

The South East of Queensland is known for its gorgeous beaches, lush bushland and – as every avid walker and cyclist knows – hilly terrain.  Building into the hillside, although daunting at first, can be extremely rewarding. What the sloped block offers is the breath-taking views, unmatched privacy and an engaging twist on your home. When combined with the uniqueness of the split-level design, it offers a range of different project options to fit any creative mind.

Conquering the South East Terrain

One major problem that comes with building a new home is the effort and time that goes into preparing the ground before the first nail is struck. Understanding the different slope percentages, identifying soil types and bedrock depth can be dauting for first time builders or even returning home builders. Tangara Construction’s extensive knowledge of difficult building sites and challenging designs make them experts in not only sloping split level builds but every aspect of boutique home building.

The Split Design

Unlike traditional house designs like single story or duplexes, the split design allows for a more unique approach to home building, with reduced excavation, less retaining walls and a gentle driveway, this helps to pave the way for a seamless build, despite the exciting challenge. The split level also offers a degree of individuality with the option of including slight separation between entertaining spaces and sleeping, or kitchen and bathroom, or any custom design that suites your needs. Tangara Construction specialise in not only personalised service, but personalised designs, working alongside you throughout the entire process so you remain fully informed throughout the build.

Something Unique

Modern home design and construction has reached new levels of creativeness and style, with the pinnacle of both culminating in the sloped split-level homes. When it comes to building your home, there are thousands of different factors that come to mind, form paint colours to the direction of the wind, where Tangara thrive is ensuring that every factor is met and done exactly how you want them.

Tangara Construction pride themselves on the work that they produce, with expert experience, integrity and a high level of professionalism and personalised service. Specialising in sloping block builds, we at Tangara know that we are not only building your house, but also building your home. Contact us today to make the first step to building your dream home.

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