Challenging Sloping Block – Ideal outcome

Tangara Constructions worked with Neil and Jenny Kelly to create their dream home on a challenging sloping block. Neil and Jenny had previously worked with another builder to design their home, however, their original builder dropped out of the project.

“We had a house designed by another builder who dropped out, so we were looking for someone who could work with our existing design,” said Neil Kelly, the homeowner.

The client had difficulty finding a builder who was willing to work on the challenging Bonogin site.

“We really struggled finding a builder. So many builders are only interested in open and shut builds and only a limited few will take on the challenge of a sloping block.”

The Process

At Tangara Constructions, we believe transparency is key. We work with our clients to plan their entire build before commencement so that there are no surprises during the building process.

From initial engagement to the final finish, we kept communication open and talked to our client through every step of the process.

“We were very comfortable working with Shane from our initial consultation and throughout. He kept us informed at each stage of the build process and was always available to us. He was easy to get on with and broke everything down into layman’s terms,” said Neil.

Our tradespeople are extremely experienced and deliver high-quality workmanship for bespoke homes.

“Shane’s tradesmen are fantastic. As each tradesman came through the house, they were always really happy with the work done by previous ones, which is very unusual. The workmanship was 100% perfect at every single stage.”

The Challenge

The site was on a very challenging block with heavily sloping bushland on rocky terrain.

“We knew our site was going to be a challenge from the outset. We have a very steep block set on shale rock, and the house had to be secured into the rock which was a big job,” said Neil.

As challenging site specialists, Tangara Constructions were able to easily navigate the site. The team began by clearing the vegetation from the building envelope and drilling down into the rock for the footings and progressed through the build process strategically.

The Outcomes

Tangara Constructions were able to complete the project within budget and a month early.

“Our results with Shane are more than we could possibly have expected.  He is a man of his word. We allowed 7 months for the build, but they completed it well within 6 and it was a large property.”

Contact us at Tangara Constructions and we’ll find ways to build your dream home whether on a sloping block or on any challenging site.


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