Gold Coast Eco-Friendly Luxury Home Design Trends

Thinking of building on the Gold Coast? Here are some of the current design trends in the area.

We at Tangara Constructions are always aiming to be on top of current trends and constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to bring a vibrant and invigorating appeal to home design and construction. We believe that these upcoming trends in housing are not only environmentally and economically friendly but, will also set new precedence’s for building and design.

Eco-Friendly Designs

One of the many benefits that come from a more environmentally friendly design is the cost. With modern advances in housing technology, it is now more affordable and cost effective to build and live in homes that have been built with; eco-friendly materials, renewable resources and efficient forward planning. Reducing your overall power bill month-to-month and allowing for more a more personal sense of climate control within your home makes it welcoming and hard to leave.

Free Flow Living

Taking notes from the traditional ‘Queenslander’ style of house, creating a home that has a sense of flow with open plans will give off a more natural appeal and aid in the temperature control to suit anyone’s comfort levels, be it hot or cold. Entertaining guests of any party size will become a breeze with the open plan leaving space to dance, drink and eat, yet not feel like you are living in an empty warehouse when the party is over.

Contemporary Additions

A more modern addition to your new home could be the installation of floor to ceiling windows. The sleek design gives an enhanced aesthetic feel to the home, whilst also bringing both economically and environmentally friendly bonuses. Combined with professional tinting to ensure absolute privacy, it will make waking up in the morning to gorgeous panoramic views awe-inspiring every time.

For more information on these upcoming trends and how you can implement them into your design, or improve current designs to become more efficient economically or environmentally, contact our friendly team of luxury home builders at Tangara Constructions where we strive to deliver quality custom homes and exceptional service to our clients in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

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