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As you could imagine every building site is different, whether it be a Custom home with a luxury bespoke fit-out, a Challenging and difficult sloping block or a complete knockdown and rebuild site – WE’VE seen it all!

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That New Luxury House You Want is Possible With High-Quality Custom Home Builders in Indooroopilly

You might be someone who has a vivid imagination and always wanted to live in an extraordinary place. Maybe you wanted to live in a treehouse and not those from your childhood, but a fully functioning treehouse in the forest. Alternatively, perhaps you wanted to live in a bungalow at the beach, right by the ocean shore where you could hear the waves night and day.

Perhaps you just wanted a luxury home you saw in a designer magazine. The one with huge bright windows that display wide open fields, mountains, or shores. Otherwise that elusive forest from afar. Though we’re not sure about that treehouse?… but the luxury homes in magazines; yes, that’s possible with us. Choose Tangara Constructions as your custom home builders in Holland Park.

We’re a family-owned and operated design and construction company focusing on custom build homes. In business for fifteen years, our experience goes beyond that. We’re highly reputable professionals residential builders that only believe in delivering service that’s honest, reliable, and of top quality.

We ensure you only get the results you expect by creating a team of committed builders and technicians who have sharp attention to detail on every project from start to finish.

New Home Builders in Indroopooly That Have No Limits to What They Do

If you’re concerned about the terrain of your desired area, let us give you relief. From rocky and hilly ground to high and low slopes, we have and can build your custom home there. We’ve worked with many builds that have been on uneven terrain. Please take a look at our portfolio to see what we mean. We employ unique techniques when taking on a sloping block project. This includes offering options such as a split level home or a pole home, which are made to fit in with the slope itself.

We also do a combination of split level and pole home design, which is a popular choice on sloping and steep sites.

We do all this with comfort, style, cross-ventilation, and environmental aesthetics in mind.

More About Our Service That Keeps You Informed and What Our Customers Are Saying

The results we deliver as quality luxury home builders in Holland Park are made possible because of our commitment to providing you with customer service that’s genuine and thoughtful.

We know that our success in delivering a new home to you that’s just what you want is only possible if open communication and a full understanding of what you want and what we do are connected. From the very beginning to the end, we’ll bring you service that’s personalised, reliable, informative, caring, and overall, trustworthy. You’ll never question if you made the right choice to go with us.

Our customers can vouch for us. Read our many testimonials to see how we made their dreams a reality. One says that we restored their confidence in trusting someone to build their home. They were impressed by our professionalism and team. They also were delighted with our honesty and attention to their additional requests. Join our group of satisfied customers and contact us today. The home you’ve long wanted is within reach.

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