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As you could imagine every building site is different, whether it be a Custom, home with a luxury bespoke fit-out, a Challenging and difficult sloping block or a complete knockdown and rebuild site – WE’VE seen it all!

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Restart Your New Home Project Fresh with Custom Luxury Home Builders in Ormeau

You’d thought that the fixer-upper you bought at auction last summer was going to be the steal of a lifetime. Intending a massive DIY overhaul, you’ve spent hours making fantastical design plans. Then, early in your project, you hit a roadblock. The too-good-to-be-true purchase was exactly that—and is riddled with significant structural problems.

The cost of repairs needed to bring the building to code exceeds the costs of purchasing a house brand new. Defeated, you paused all operations to seek out the honest advice of the seasoned professionals at Tangara Constructions. Our custom home builders in Ormeau take care of the chaos so that you can enjoy your new luxury home.

Custom Home Builders in Ormeau Restore Your Building Project

We bring our extensive experience to each project and seek to provide each client with a personalised experience. Our luxury home builders want your Ormeau home to be as comfortable and cosy as you’d initially envisioned. It all starts with a call to schedule your initial consultation.

That initial meeting is a low-pressure experience where we get a peek at the prospective worksite and take the time to meet with you. After a little discussion, we go back and compile options in preparation for the preliminary meeting where we establish your budget, and foreseen obstacles are discussed. In your case, you’ll likely want to tear down and start from scratch, and we’ll discuss the ramifications of this option at that meeting.

Next, you’ll meet with your architect and work to draft a design so that the budget estimate can be tabulated, which is a preliminary estimation based on labour, materials, and permits necessary for project completion. As this is the first time we’ll see if your vision matches your wallet, this is your opportunity to discuss and make cost-saving adjustments.

Once you’ve approved a final design, we present you with a final quote for all work and materials. If you accept our offer, a contract is drafted for signature, and a schedule for our new home builders in Ormeau is set. Once the building has commenced, you’re provided with regular updates and are free to check on your new home project at the online client portal.

Building with Excellence, Building with Tangara Constructions

Tangara Constructions is a family operated Australian business that’s served South East Queensland for ten years. We pride ourselves on designing and building stunning luxury homes with premium-quality materials and hand-picked tradespeople. Known for developing positive relationships with each client, we assist you in developing a practical vision for your building project that is both creative and within your budget. Check out local projects showcased in our project gallery and become inspired by what your new home can become.

Talk to us for difficult home building projects like those on sloping foundations. We thrive at completing challenging builds with lasting quality. We work with every material, finish, and paint to make a custom home that reflects your style and personality. Our friendly office staff is standing by to schedule your initial consultation so don’t delay. Call us on 07 5540 7733 or send us a message.

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