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As you could imagine every building site is different, whether it be a Custom, home with a luxury bespoke fit-out, a Challenging and difficult sloping block or a complete knockdown and rebuild site – WE’VE seen it all!

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A New Luxury Home is Within Your Reach – Top of the Line Custom Builders Serving Indooroopilly

You might feel that having a custom home of your dreams is similar to trying to reach an unattainable star. Even though you don’t expect actually to build one yourself, there’s so much to consider regarding feasibility.

You might be rattling your mind thinking about every fine detail you have to consider, such as the mechanics, the materials, who does this, who can really do that. The more you think about this, you begin musing that it may be easier just to build up your savings to buy the closest thing to your luxury home dreams.

Fortunately, you can have exactly what you want without a headache through custom home builders in Indooroopilly, such as Tangara Constructions.

We’ve been in business for Fifteen years but have over 23 years of experience in the residential construction industry. Family owned and operated, we believe in service that has integrity, high-quality artisanship and is driven to take on every challenge that yields excellent results.

Building and designing houses is a personal thing, and success is only possible when stable relationships are built. That’s why we pride ourselves on maintaining a positive rapport with our clients through delivering the quality that the customer expects, establishing trust, and just as important, maintaining open communication.

Luxury Home Builders in Indooroopilly Who Make You Part of the Team

Since we’re a boutique build company, delivering the most personalised service is possible. In choosing us as your new home builders, you’ll get the chance to work with a builder directly from beginning to end. This is an advantage, since strong communication and a solid understanding between what you want and how we can make that possible can and will be established.

One of the things you might want to address is the uneven terrain. No worries about this. In our years of being new home builders in Indooroopilly, we’ve come across slopes, hills, and everything else. Working with challenging terrains is our area of interest and experience. Not only can we make your home a reality on the highest or lowest of land, but we’ll make sure that everything we do is compliant with local requirements.

Our Clear and Simple Process That Proves Having a Custom Home is Not Difficult

This is probably what has been steering you away from having the home you’ve always wanted—the process. We keep things straightforward, so you don’t neglect other things in your life.

In a step-by-step process, everything begins with an initial consultation where an onsite assessment takes place to discuss your project. Second, a meeting is held to determine your budget and design, and other requirements. Third, is the design stage, where you meet with the design team and sketch out your plan. Fourth, we estimate a budget, preparing an estimated cost. The fifth is the final stage, where the sketches are finalised with the engineering designs ready for approval.

After this, the final quote is made with a signing of the contract. When this is complete, building your home will begin where we’ll keep you informed of the progress throughout.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is in the right hands and excitement seeing it come to life each passing day.

Contact us today to get this started. Start making your dreams come true with a bespoke custom-made luxury home.

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