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As you could imagine every building site is different, whether it be a Custom home with a luxury bespoke fit-out, a Challenging and difficult sloping block or a complete knockdown and rebuild site – WE’VE seen it all!

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Why Building a New Custom-Designed Home is Better

When many people think of buying a home, they assume that buying an existing house is the more cost-effective option. It’s true that there are definite advantages to buying an available home and this may be the right choice depending on your individual needs, plans, and goals. However, working with custom home builders in Brisbane may be a better option than you think. The market for pre-existing homes is naturally limited, and new home designs in Brisbane are becoming increasingly popular. That’s because buyers are gradually discovering the many benefits of building a new home to their custom specifications. Consider the following:

Benefits of Building a New Custom Home

1. A custom home gives you complete control

When you buy an older house, you’re stuck with its features, problems, and quirks unless you perform extensive and costly renovations. When you work with new home builders instead, you are free to choose every detail of your house, from the floor plan to the colours and the size and layout of the kitchen. No decision is out of your hands; you can be sure that when you move in, you’ll be moving into your dream house precisely as you want it.

2. A custom home can cost less

It may seem to make sense that an older home would cost less, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Although the upfront investment may be lower, a dated house can end up costing much more over time if it requires a lot of upkeep and repairs. Having a new custom home built means that you’ll be free to spend your downtime as you please rather than working on fidgety sinks and foundational issues. You’ll also avoid unexpected expenses that can hit your budget hard when you’re least expecting it.

3. A custom home is energy-efficient

One of the significant expenses associated with older homes is energy inefficiency. Old appliances tend to consume far more energy than newer ones; poor insulation also means your heat and air conditioning will have to work much harder. This wasted energy is hard on the environment – and your wallet. A newly-built home will include modern construction techniques and appliances for the best energy efficiency possible.

4. A custom home is all yours

There’s no place like home – and there’s no home like the one you designed yourself. When you move into an existing house, it can be hard to see it as your own. On the other hand, a custom build is yours and yours alone, featuring exactly the details you choose and acting as your personal space for you and your family to enjoy. You are building a home to hold your memories for generations to come, a home that will be entirely exclusive to your family.

Where to find luxury home builders in Brisbane

At Tangara Constructions, we have 23 years experience in new home construction and custom designed luxury homes, and we offer superior artisanship and customer service. We make it our priority to form effective builder-client relationships and work closely with you throughout every step of your project to ensure that you get the exact luxury designs you want.

Contact Tangara Constructions in Brisbane today to learn more. Call us on 07 5540 7733 or send us a message.

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