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As you could imagine every building site is different, whether it be a Custom home with a luxury bespoke fit-out, a Challenging and difficult sloping block or a complete knockdown and rebuild site – WE’VE seen it all!

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Split level house designs in Brisbane

Advantages of the Split Level House Design

Split-level homes began to grow in popularity in the 1970s. Today, the staggered floor levels and two short sets of stairs are making a comeback when it comes to building new homes. That’s because so many people are discovering the advantages of this building style. Here are just a few of them.

Lots of space even on limited land

Your new home should have plenty of space for you and your family to relax together and entertain while still having peace and quiet and privacy when needed. However, the size or shape of your land may limit what you can do with your house. If you find that your property is too small for a large ranch-style home, then a split-level may offer just what you need – more space without taking up more land. You can have everything you want in a split-level house including your dream kitchen, as many bedrooms as you need, and even a basement.

More cost-effective

Building a split-level home on a smaller lot can cost less than constructing a different style of house on a larger lot. A split level home builder understands the importance of your budget and how a split-level home can help you conserve funds to use for other things that you may not be able to afford if you went with a larger house design.

Separation of space

If you have ever lived in a studio apartment, you will likely never again take for granted the importance of private space. One of the great things about split level home designs in Brisbane is that they allow for an open floor plan in common areas such as the kitchen and family room while maintaining more privacy upstairs in the bedrooms. That means you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. The shorter flights of stairs are also easier to navigate for toddlers and aging individuals who have reduced mobility.

Lower maintenance

The upkeep on split level house designs in Brisbane tends to be easier and less costly than upkeep on a larger home style. The compact layout means that maintenance and regular upkeep are also simpler. When it comes to renovations, even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can refresh the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Where to Find a Split Level Home Builder in Brisbane

We have extensive experience building split-level homes on challenging lots. A sloping piece of land is no problem for us and makes the perfect foundation for a split-level house. We’ll work closely with you throughout each stage of the process to ensure that you receive superior artistry, outstanding customer service, and the new home of your dreams.

We have decades of experience building on all types of problematic blocks of land and overcoming other construction challenges to deliver excellent results. We can help you design the house you want, offering upfront and honest advice and ensuring that you end up thrilled with your new home.

If integrity, honesty, and personalised service are important to you, contact Tangara Constructions today to discuss your new home.

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