Our 7-Step Home Building Process

At Tangara Constructions, we believe in planning to ensure the building process runs smoothly. Our seven-step building process gives our clients clarity and sets the expectations for both the home builders and the home owners.

1. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will conduct an onsite project assessment and meet with you to discuss your project.

2. Preliminary Meeting

Then, we schedule a preliminary meeting. During this meeting, we will identify your budget, design requirements and any other items that are required to move forward to the concept design stage. A preliminary agreement is established.

3. Concept Design Stage

At this stage, the design team at Tangara Constructions in Brisbane will help you determine what best suits the project and your needs. They will guide you through the concept plans before commencing the initial budget costing of your custom home.

4. Budget Estimate

Next, your new home builder shall prepare an estimate of costs from the concept plan and inclusions. Whether you are on track with your budget or not, Tangara Constructions will guide you along the way.

5. Final Design and Specifications

At this stage, working drawings are finalised with the engineering designs and specifications, ready for council approval and the final costing.

6. Final Pricing

Following by the agreement of final design and specifications, a detailed costing of your custom home is undertaken with all specifications.

7. Signing The Contract

Upon establishment of the final price, building specifications, and construction time, the contract is prepared for you to sign.

After you and your home builder have agreed upon the final price, building specifications, and construction time through a written contract, your new custom home is ready to be built. Throughout the entire construction period, you will be informed of the work progress and have access to our online client portal.

The team at Tangara Constructions specialise in building luxury homes to bring your dream to life! For more information on building in your suburb, contact our team today.

Give us a call on 07 5540 7733 or send us a message using the contact form below.


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