Riverstone Two-Storey Custom Home Project


As first-time builders, Greg and Tara Langeveld were looking to work with someone who would guide them through the process and communicate openly.

“From the very first consultation, Shane took us through every single step in really simplified terms. He was so approachable and really put us at ease,” said Greg Langeveld.

They didn’t want to build something stock standard and were looking for a builder who could create their dream home that would stand out from the rest while still fitting into the neighbourhood.

“We didn’t want a standard project builder! We wanted a bespoke builder to help us create our dream home. We had already spoken to two other builders and had become despondent with the lack of flexibility, and their resistance to build anything other than their set designs. Shane was the only one who could do exactly what we wanted,” said Greg.

The Process

Tangara Constructions treat every job as a priority. We were able to deliver highly personalised services to Greg and Tara and talk them through every step of the way.

“Shane is the kind of person who is always there if you need to talk to him. He was so easy to deal with because he isn’t dealing with too many projects at once. We knew our work was a priority for him,” said Greg.

We guided Greg and Tara through every stage of the building process, from initial consultation to the design and build, all the way through to hand over.

The Challenge

The client didn’t want to build a stock standard home. They wanted a bespoke home designed and built to reflect their personal needs. As a specialist company in bespoke builds, Tangara Constructions were able to build a home to their exact specifications.

“The most challenging aspect of our job was that we didn’t want something out of the norm! We wanted something special and that didn’t look like everything else that was getting built,” said Greg.

The Outcomes

Tangara Constructions completed the project ahead of time to an extremely high standard.

“It surpassed our expectations. The timing was actually one week ahead of schedule. They were also bang on price! We have absolutely achieved our dream home,” Said Greg.

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