Ross & Donna Garrett

Our experience with Shane from Tangara Constructions was fantastic and we are thrilled with the finished product. Shane uses the old principles of building that trust is a key point to any process. Shane’s ability to translate builder’s terms into lay person’s language is a valuable asset to have! Shane would not just say anything and expect us to understand, he would make sure that Donna and I both understood exactly what was being discussed before continuing on.  This easy communication helped turn a house into our home.

What builder would meet a potential client at a proposed piece of land, to discuss building options, before they were considering purchasing it.  When Donna rang Shane he requested to meet her at our block to see if he thought it was possible to build a home on it.  Shane would always go out of his way to accommodate us as we both worked. Meetings were quite often scheduled at night and on weekends.

Attention to detail was what Shane made sure was evident throughout the entire building process.  He made sure that no imperfection was left overlooked, no matter what it was.  He would have it fixed as soon as it was noticed. He regularly rang us with the building progress, to keep us in the loop, which was brilliant as we would keep each other updated as to possible problems or any changes that we required.

We would not hesitate to use Shane from Tangara Constructions again and would recommend him to anyone.  Shane gave us a stress free building experience that has given us not just a house but a warm home to live in!!