Mark & Carla Redmond

I am writing to express our most sincere appreciation for all you have done during the construction of our Townhouse complex at Camp Hill.

As you know, this was a big project for us, and we were initially very nervous about choosing a builder to work with. We can now say with all honesty that selecting Tangara Constructions was the best decision we made!

We have faced a number of problems along the way, including dramas with Council, architects, engineers…but we always felt absolute confidence in our builder. Your ability to anticipate, manage and resolve these problems, ensured a smooth and worry free experience. You have handled each obstacle that presented itself with integrity and professionalism.

We were also delighted to note that our project was finished approximately 3 months sooner than a very similar site several blocks away. Your dedication to completing the houses on time was evident, and not only did you save us 10’s of thousands of dollars, but we were able to get ‘The Jump’ on the rental market ahead of our closest competition.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends and family, and we look forward working with you again at some point in the future.

All he best for your future endeavours!

– Mark & Carla Redmond (Directors Precision Finance Solutions Pty Ltd)