Constructing homes on sloping blocks

Not every builder wants to manage the challenges associated with constructing homes on sloping blocks.

Some builders may want to level a site to accommodate one of their standard  project homes. The extra costs associated with earthworks, drainage and  retaining to achieve this soon adds up, making the home less cost effective than  working with the existing slope.

By building a split level home you can incorporate the retaining within the house design, thus reducing site costs and allowing a much more practical approach to  designing the home for the slope. Pole homes are another alternative which can contribute to reducing the cost of retaining and site works for sloping land.

Tangara Constructions has vast experience in constructing homes in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas on sloping blocks. We design homes specifically for the client’s needs and budget while ensuring the sloping site is developed to its maximum potential. It is important to consider all aspects of the sloping land. Whether the slope perspective is up, down or sideward, each of these aspects can offer a unique opportunity to create a dream home.

While ensuring a philosophy of good design, environmental consciousness, comfort and style, emphasis should be placed on orientation, views, cross ventilation, energy efficiency and building products when working with sloping blocks.