Our Building Process

Transparent, step-by-step Process:

  1. Site inspection: The builder will meet you on site, and together you can discuss your requirements and any different options that may be available to you.
  2. Preliminary meeting: Identify your budget, design requirements and any other items that are required to move forward to the preliminary sketch plans. If you already have your own design/ plans, we will give you an estimate of time required to provide you with a formal written quote. A preliminary agreement is established to complete a Soil Test and Contour Survey.
  3. Design stage part 1: After the preliminary meeting we can then engage the design team, whether this be an architect or a draftsman will be determined by which best suits the project and your needs. The plans will be completed to a sketch stage for initial budget costing.
  4. Tendering: Prepare an estimate of costs from the sketch plan and inclusions. At this stage it can be determined if you are on track with your budget, or if any changes are required to meet it.
  5. Design stage part 2: Once you are happy with the initial design and budget, the plans (working drawings) are finalised and ready for council approval and the final costing.
  6. Signing the contract: Upon establishment of the final cost, building specifications, and construction time, the contract is prepared for you to sign.
  7. Work commences of your new home. You will be informed of your projects progress throughout the entire construction period.
  8. Practical completion: Once the construction of your home has been completed, you are invited to participate in a detailed inspection of the works with the builder.
  9. Handover: You are given the Keys to your brand new home, and provided with all of the warranties and other documentation relevant to the inspections that were carried out through each stage of construction.
  10. Maintenance: Attend to any potential issues during the defect liability period.